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Introduction | DIY Love

This blog started out as an assignment. But thanks to an officemate, this will be official. I really want to create a blog about my DIY stuff that ranges from notebooks to journals to planner essentials.

I am just a beginner in DIY. But while doing my recent projects, I realized that I have loved DIY even when I was a kid. I remembered that when given the opportunity, I would make my own notebooks out of scratch papers and colorful papers, and decorate them with various drawings, doodles, and designs. I also have a journal that covered with crumpled Japanese paper, plastic cover, and drawn designs. What I love about DIY is that I can personalized my notebooks in any way I want. But they stopped when I was in high school.

DIY Beginnings

My love for DIY came back when my boyfriend gave me a cute organizer/planner for my birthday. The front was cute, but I felt it was a bit plain (black cover with a stencil of a flower). So I spiced it a bit by creating a nameplate out of construction paper and wrapped in masking tape. I was not satisfied with the plain contents and inserts, so I decorated it with stickers, doodles, colorings, drawings, and other designs. I’ll be doing a separate post about that, but it was obvious that my love for DIY was coming back.

I had a long hiatus again and just came back when my high school friend introduced me to her DIY notebooks and planners. She showed me how she had done them and the materials she used.

My DIY Notebooks

After that, my love for DIY totally came back and I started searching for the materials and the tools in order to create these notebooks. I also asked for tips from her. She was more than happy to help because she was finally able to find someone who shares her interest. From then on, I created notebooks on my own or designing other notebooks with washi tapes, post its, and zip locks.







Supplies and Tools

National Bookstore, craft stores, and bazaars became my best friends as I bought DIY stuff, such as eyelets, eyelet puncher, various types of strings, washi tapes, notebooks, sticker labels, and more.

Apart from that, my friend also gives me supplies and tools so I can create diverse DIY notebooks and expand my skills. Just recently, she gave me a lot of those stuff, thus expanding my DIY kit:




Indeed, DIY is now part of my interests. Now that my kit has expanded, I am excited to create new notebooks and planner essentials. I have tried doing Midori-type notebooks, but I have yet to be good on that aspect. I feel I am more into ring notebooks and journals, so these will be my next projects.

I want this blog to serve as an avenue for anything DIY. I am excited to write in this new blog, because I get to share one of my interests and passions. 🙂


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