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Press Release | Type Kita 3: Pass on the Passion

I am a frustrated artist, which is the reason why I love the arts and crafts. One of the things I am trying to learn in this field is lettering and calligraphy. Since I was in high school, I loved doing some letterings. Most of those that I did are just for beginners, such as block lettering and simple script—though they are nothing compared to the professionals.

When I recently found out that you can learn lettering and calligraphy, I went back to doing some lettering stuff again. I bought “The ABC of Hand Lettering” by Abby Sy, got myself new colored pens, and practiced at home. I also plan to attend lettering and calligraphy workshops when I have the time.

I am happy there are still some people who prefer to use the pen over tablets or smartphones. Lettering and calligraphy enthusiasts should share their love for crafts to everyone who are just starting. Well, I am happy to announce that there is an upcoming event where enthusiasts can showcase their love for typography, lettering, and calligraphy.


December 12-13, 2015, 11am to 8pm, 100 gate fee

1161 Pasong Tamo St., Makati City (formerly Bosch Building, in front of Ambers)

Proceeds will be for the benefit of Project Pearls



On December 12 and 13, 2015, type lovers and lettering enthusiasts will be in for a treat! The team behind Type Kita will be holding the 3rd installment of their annual typography exhibit! The previous Type Kita exhibits offered visitors with an incredible showcase of local typographic art pieces, on-the-spot workshops by some of the country’s well-known hand-letterers and calligraphers, and a slew of handmade crafts and printed goods from local entrepreneurs for bargain hunters.

The third Type Kita exhibit promises to be even bigger than before, with more than  60 participating exhibitors and artists sharing their talent for this event-for-a-cause.

Set during the holiday season, the Type Kita Exhibit will serve as a big Christmas gathering for type enthusiasts around the metro. With live art, demos, art trade, and gift giving activities, it’s the perfect holiday feast for type lovers!


With the theme “Pass on the Passion,” the event aims to foster camaraderie and to strengthen the local type community during the Christmas season by focusing on the value of collaboration and sharing. Type-enthusiasts can give back to the community and share their passion to others as well. Proceeds from the event will be for the benefit of PEARLS- a non-profit organization that aims to provide unprivileged kids with Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love & Smiles.


As you all know, we are readying lots and lots of fun-filled activities for the next Type Kita exhibit. We are very grateful to all our incredible and very talented artists who will be sharing their time and knowledge in teaching our guests.

The capsule classes and demos are free but will be on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be sign-up sheets available during the event. So, don’t forget to bring your tools and your enthusiasm too! 

Other activities for the event include:

activities poster


For this leg, exhibitors are encouraged to work and collaborate with other artists to share their talent and trade skills as they develop their pieces, strengthening the idea of sharing one’s passion through art.

Pass the Passion


Art Trade Manila will lead an art-exchange activity where artists and guests can bring their works or writing tools and trade it with fellow type-enthusiasts. It’s like a massive exchange gift activity but more fun!


Some of your favorite local letterers will also be invited to paint on wooden panels as part of the live art exhibit. Glass panels will also serve as a big doodle wall canvas! And because the venue will be bigger, Zig Philippines will also be displaying large scale art murals as part of the exhibit.


Type Kita exhibits are also the best place to build your network with fellow type-geeks! To further promote camaraderie, participants will be given name tags for their IG handles so they can easily follow each other and keep connected even after the event!


One portion of the event will allow guests to write Christmas cards, design covers of blank notebooks and leave behind hand-lettered pieces as part of gift kits for the kids of PROJECT PEARLS.

Card and Notebook Drive

Who wouldn’t want a handmade gift done with creativity and innovativeness?

There is going to be an area where guests can write wonderful Christmas cards and design blank notebooks. These customized greeting cards, notebooks and journals will be part of our gift items for the kids of Project Pearls! Surely, the kids will be glad to see your hand-lettered and hand-written notes for the holidays!


Pass on the passion for type with free demos such as lettering, calligraphy, watercolor lettering and many more! There will also be a scheduled film showing, some live art & for the hoarders, there will also be pop-up shops for tools and type merchandise.


To keep the Christmas spirit alive, they will be holding a simple get-together/Christmas potluck to celebrate the community this holiday season. You may bring food and drinks too if you want to join in the feast!

Giving Back to the Community

This event is one way to give back to the community by helping unprivileged kids get the love and peace that they deserve. Just pay P100 and you share your passion for typography, lettering, and calligraphy in one place. All proceeds will benefit the kids in Project Pearl.

Gate Fee

Let’s be one in sharing the love this holiday season! Let’s join Type Kita: Pass on the Passion and give the kids of Project Pearls a more colorful Christmas!

How to Get There

If you do not know how to get to the venue, please read the directions below:

Directions to Venue

Hoepfully, I can attend this event because I will be able to learn different stuff about typography, lettering, and calligraphy. I encourage you to go here because you will not only learn a lot of things, but you also help Project Pearls in their activities and objectives. 😀

For more updates on the Type Kita 3 event, follow Type Kita on Facebook and Instagram. During the event, use the hastags, #TypeKita3 #PassOnThePassion #typekitaexhibit


Are you attending Type Kita 3: Pass on the Passion? Type your comments below!

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