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Bringing Artsy Rabbit Back!

It has been a long time since I wrote here. For months, I have been thinking whether to abandon this blog or not. You see, I haven’t done anything artsy and crafty for so long because I have been busy with work, personal life, family, and many more. Then, I was also busy managing my main blog, Hainrihi’s Discoveries. So I didn’t know if Artsy Rabbit was worth keeping.

But then, recently, I saw two of my workmates doing some lettering, doodling, and faux calligraphy. I sort of got jealous and wanted to try it again.

My attempt on lettering and doodling

Apart from that, I just bought a new printer and realized I have more opportunities to do artsy things. Suddenly, a lot of project ideas came to my mind and I really want to start doing them. Now is great time to explore my artsy side.


Thus, I decided to keep this blog and make it an avenue for my arts and crafts, lettering, and doodling projects. After all, this has been the purpose of Artsy Rabbit and I am glad I didn’t delete it. This is one of my projects for the year 2017.

I would like to thank the people who still followed this blog even if I haven’t updated this for MONTHS. Love you all! ❤


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