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Workshop | I’m Attending This Weekend’s “Journaling Workshop With Abbey Sy”

Ever since I was a child, I love doodling and writing on notebooks and papers. Whether I’m writing a letter to my parents or drawing stick figures on my pad paper, I loved it. My mom told me that she kept all my letters and drawings in a drawer. I would like to look at them and see how my love for writing and doodling started.

By high school, I realized that my love for writing in notebooks and my fascination on different colored pens grew. And since I was a teenager experiencing puberty and different emotions, I decided to keep a diary where I can jot down all my thoughts, feelings, opinions, or whatever comes to mind.

One of my first diaries was a plain green notebook that had a clear cover. It looked boring to, so I spiced it a bit and this was the result:



Yes, complete with a lock because, come on, it’s a diary XD

I didn’t know it by then, but I think that was the start of my love for designing notebooks with letterings, doodles, simple drawings, stickers, etc. I also started doing this for planners. I don’t have them with me, but I have other notebooks and planners in my parents’ house that I also designed with stickers, colored pens, pentel pens, and other stuff. However, here are some that I designed recently:




If you ask me why I do that, there are many reasons: the notebooks are too plain, it’s stress-relieving, or I’m just bored. But one thing is for sure even until now: I still love to write in notebooks, planners, and journals, and design them according to my mood or what happened that day. Journaling and writing are not just about words, but it’s also about expressing your thoughts in various forms.


For the past years, I’ve been trying to go back to journaling—but somehow fail in the later days of January. I write once in awhile, but I miss those high school days when I write every day. I felt that something is missing when I write and that I’m not complete with just jotting everything that happened.

Then my friend, Diane, introduced me to Abbey Sy and her works, and that’s when I realized what was missing. I lacked creativity.


Now, my journal is just a plain notebook that has Marvel characters on the covers. However, it lacked the color and personality that shouts ME.

I have seen Abbey Sy’s creations and watched other videos on how to create great journals, but I can’t seem to find the initiative to do it on my own. Maybe because I think too much that I end up delaying it.

So, when Abbey Sy announced that she will be holding a Journaling Workshop on January 21, 2017, Saturday, I didn’t hesitate to pre-register! It will be held at the Top Shelf, 5th Floor of Fully Booked BGC.

For those who still don’t know, here are the details:


Start the year right, fuel your creativity, and make new memories this 2017!

Spend the afternoon creatively documenting using your ABC Daily Journal at my journaling workshop. Learn the different ways to chronicle your day-to-day activities and experiences. Decorate your journal pages with a selection of stickers, washi tapes & craft tools free for use at the venue. And lastly, have your journal signed by me after the workshop!

The first (10) to register at the venue get an exclusive journaling loot bag.

Registration starts at 12PM. See you there!

NOTE: You must purchase a copy of ABC Daily Journal inside Fully Booked in order to enter the venue. Please present your receipt at the venue entrance. This will serve as your official ticket.

I knew that by attending this workshop, I could relive my love for creative journaling. I want to make my entries more personalized and creative—entries that show who I really am. I hope that by seeing how Abbey Sy does it, I can make my journal more exciting, colorful, and engaging. Something that I won’t get tired of reading all over again.

I even got more excited for the workshop when I purchased the ABC Daily Journal by Abbey Sy. Participants will be using this in the workshop, where we can design the pages with washi tapes, stickers, pens, and many more.



After some delivery delays, I finally got my hands on the journal and I was happy to see it! 😀  The pages are blank and undated, so it gave me the impression that it is a starter kit for journaling. I haven’t explored it yet, but I love what are inside—the quotes, letterings, and pages. It’s simple but I know I can make it my own once I learned some skills, tips, and advice from Abbey Sy herself.



If you are just starting in journaling, I recommend that you attend the Journaling Workshop with Abbey Sy on January 21, 2017. Don’t forget to pre-register if you’re really attending by filling out the form here:

See you there! 😀


Do you love to write and decorate on your journal? Are you attending Abbey Sy’s Journaling Workshop? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also reach me via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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