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Workshop | Journaling Workshop by Abbey Sy

Ever since I started hand lettering, doodling, and other artsy stuff, I’ve always wanted to attend workshops. For me, attending those is a way to improve my skills and explore my creative side. So when I learned about the Journaling Workshop by Abbey Sy, I immediately pre-registered for the event. I was so excited because I know I’d be learning a lot from the great Abbey Sy.

And I wasn’t disappointed! 😀

Journaling Workshop by Abbey Sy happened last January 21, 2017, Saturday in Top Shelf, 5th Floor, Fully Booked, BGC from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. The event was full of inspiring words from Abbey, interactions with people who share the same hobby, autograph signings, activities, and many more. It’s actually my first time to attend an art workshop and I am happy that Abbey facilitated it.

Workshop tools
My tools for the workshop
The crowd
The big crowd


Talk Proper

Even though Marge from Smitten Wordsmith  and I were late, I was happy to learn that I get to seat in the tables at the front. This is because I was one of the first three online purchasers of the ABC Daily Journal by Abbey Sy.

From the event page of the Journaling Workshop

As one of the winners, not only do I have a special seat, but I also get a free journaling loot bag. I love where I was because Abbey was literally standing behind me while facilitating the talk! Fangirl mode! 😀

Abbey introducing herself
Abbey introducing herself

Anyway, her journaling talk was simple yet very informational. Unlike some facilitators I encountered before, Abbey is not intimidating. She is humble, down-to-earth, and made sure that we understood her. In fact, everything was explained well and it was refreshing to learn about the ABCs of journaling.


Everyone in that room was very lucky because we have Abbey to explain the importance of journaling. At my time, I didn’t have anyone like that and I just learned about journaling, writing, and documenting on my own. Now, I get to learn it from someone who is young, fresh, and dedicated to her craft and passion.

Key Takeaways (put photos on some takeaways)

Here are some key takeaways from the Journaling talk:

  • Make sure your journal materials and supplies are reachable. This way, you won’t be frustrated in reaching things and stop journaling altogether. I guess that is also my problem as I still lack space for journaling and doing my art stuff. I’ll definitely work on that.
  • Organize everything before journaling and fix the mess after. I think this is so you won’t feel cluttered or disorganized while creating your journal entry.
  • When journaling during travels, it’s best to use a handy big pouch that fits your notebook/journal, pens, some stickers, washi tapes, and more.
  • There are different types of journaling such as creating daily illustrations, using stickers, doing doodles, and sticking photos. However, you’re not limited to that. Abbey recommends using any style that shows your personality, so better experiment with different ways during your journaling journey.



  • The art of journaling is not just about writing everything that has happened every day. It also contains a roundup of favorite books, films, or music. A day in your journal can also have photos, ephemeras, notes, or souvenirs, as well as artworks, doodles, and letterings. If you don’t have anything to write, just put your dreams or future goals. This way, you still put anything that comes to your mind and still feel fulfilled at the end of the day. Just use your imagination and creativity.
  • In relation to that, Abbey also said you can use any materials you have at home. Newspaper clippings, tickets, washi tapes, pens, etc.—you name it, you can use it. She also gave us a tip: put all the materials in the journal (stickers, tapes, photos, etc.) before writing because these will serve as your guide on what you really want to put on your entry. Based on the video that Abbey showed us, she just filled the empty gaps with doodles and writings about her day.


  • LASTLY, something that I will always keep in mind: Don’t be pressured to do journaling and just go with the flow. Don’t overthink and always experiment until you get the gist of journaling. I feel that when I do this, I can create my journaling style while showing my personality.


After the one-hour talk, the workshop proper began. The organizers went around giving some washi tapes, papers, and stickers that we used in creating our journal entries. Participants have to do any or all of the prompts below:

  • Day in Life
  • Food Diary
  • A Random List
  • 5 Facts About Yourself
  • What’s in Your Bag?
From Faber-Castell’s Facebook Page

While doing our prompts, Abbey walked around to look at our works. I decided to follow Abbey’s advice and not be pressured in creating my first journal entry. I picked “Day in Life” and already had something in mind for January 14, Saturday. I used the ephemera, washi tapes, and pens that I bought in the workshop. My entry was simple, but it said a lot about the great day had. Here is the result:

Journal entry
My first journal entry

After doing this, I was actually happy and satisfied. With just photos, washi tapes, and a few words, I was able to show my “day in life”. It was wonderful not to overthink on what to put and just go with the flow. Oh and believe or not, I was actually relieved that I didn’t write a lot. 😀

Autograph Signing

While the workshop was ongoing, Abbey and the organizers started the autograph signing. All of us had nametags with corresponding numbers underneath our names. The number is the order as to when we’ll have the autograph signing with Abbey. I think this was good because it’s more orderly and organized.

However, the top 10 winners of the journaling loot bag were exceptions and we were prioritized in the signing. In fact, as one of the first online purchasers, I’m the second person to have my books signed by Abbey! I was surprised but very happy with this privilege. I then knew that all the obstacles leading to the workshop were definitely worth it. 😀

Abbey in autograph signing
Abbey signing the first participant
Abbey Sy autograph and photo
My autograph and photo with Abbey. From Abbey Sy’s Facebook Page
signed books
Signed books

Oh, and I got my free journaling loot bag! Woohoo! 😀

Journaling loot bag

Going Around and Learning About Journaling

Since I had my books signed early on and Marge is still far from the autograph signing (they’re calling the numbers by 10s), we looked around the event area. There were arts and crafts merchandise for sale from Fully Booked, Abbey Sy, Faber-Castell, and Gelly Roll.

Gelly Roll
Pens from Gelly Roll
Abbey Sy merchandise
Merchandise from Abbey Sy
Fully Booked
Merchandise from Fully Booked




And these are the items that I bought (yay new pens and new book!) 😀


Marge and I also took photos on Abbey’s collage wall.

Photo by Marge



Then, we had our images drawn by the great Tipsy Go from Googly Gooeys .





We also met a new friend, Kim (IG link), though we don’t have a selfie with her. 😦

I also got these freebies from the workshop:


Overall Say

Overall, I was very satisfied with Abbey Sy’s Journaling Workshop. Even though I started journaling when I was teenager, it was refreshing to hear a talk about the topic from a fellow journal enthusiast. I learned a lot from Abbey as she helped me open opportunities in the arts and crafts department. For once in my life, I wasn’t pressured to do anything that I love and just went with it. Now, I’m very excited to fill my ABC Daily Journal with experiences, adventures, memories, and many, many more.

About the whole event, everything was organized and I was happy to have great seat and a free journaling loot bag. I even liked that they had pre-registration weeks before the event.

Maybe the one thing that I didn’t like was the workshop was too big (around 150+ participants attended), but I understand that Abbey wanted to accommodate a lot of people. I hope to attend future workshops with little participants so there is more interaction with her.

Other than that, the whole workshop was amazing and I really had a lot of fun! It was great to spend it with a friend who also loves the arts and crafts. I learned a lot and I’m now excited to explore and experiment my creative side! 😀

Thank you for the wonderful journaling workshop Abbey Sy! 😀

Photo by Marge


Did you attend the Journaling Workshop by Abbey Sy last weekend? Did you learn anything? Let me know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also reach me via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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