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Journaling | Tracking My #ABCsJournalingChallenge (In Progress)

If you’re following my Instagram account (@artsy_rabbit), you’ll notice that I’ve been posting my entries for the #ABCsJournalingChallenge by Abbey Sy. Joining the challenge has made me realize how much I love arts, crafts, and journaling. It also made me see my strengths and weaknesses, as well as the improvements that I have to do.

I decided to track my journaling challenge progress in this blog post to see how I have been doing. Every time a new challenge comes up, I want to get started on doing it already. I have been busy the past days, but I make it an effort to journal at least 2-3 times a week.

This post will be updated every time I upload a new journaling challenge entry in my Instagram account. So be sure to come back here often. 🙂

Anyway, here are my entries for the #ABCsJournalingChallenge by Abbey Sy:


Make your journal extra personalized by designing your journal cover. Add embellishments, decorate with stickers, illustrate on it – the possibilities are endless!

My Takeaway: I realized I really love designing my notebook and journal covers with anything. Even way before, I designed my covers with photos, stickers, letterings, and more. I do this because I want to give my notebooks and journals their own identity that shows who I am. Plus, they serve as a medium to store my memories. 😀 I really enjoyed designing my front and back journal covers.



What do you want to achieve on a new month? Sleep earlier? Eat better? Share them in a page.

My Takeaway: It’s really hard to create goals for the month AND achieve them all. After February, I looked back at my goals and saw that I only achieved 2-3 out of the 10 listed. I think I have to improve on that.

It was also my first time doing hand letterings. I did the whole entry for 2 1/2 hours because I sketched it with a pencil first before adding the colored pens. I loved the result, so it’s a great start. This also made me more excited to practice hand lettering and doodling. Oh, and another great thing: I was able to use most of my pens, which were sitting idly on my desk for a long time. Yay! 😀



I’m curious — how does a day look like for you from the moment you wake up until you call it a day? Journal it!

My Takeaway: I never knew I do a lot of things in just one day—maybe that’s the reason why I’m always tired hahaha Just doing my “day in a life” on a Saturday was challenging because it’s is the day where I do so many things. It’s the weekend after all. XD

In the arts and crafts aspect, my obstacle was fitting everything in one page. That time, I was still following the “one page, one entry” rule, so I really had a hard time doing day 3. Also, while Abbey advised to put all the stickers, photos, and other ephemera first before writing, I didn’t do that—and I almost ran out of space! So yeah, lesson learned there. 🙂



What piqued your interest today? Illustrate it.

My Takeaway: The moment I saw the words “Illustrate it,” I became worried. I can do lettering and putting photos and stickers in my journal page, but drawing?! My drawing and illustrating is below average and they are my weaknesses when it comes to arts and crafts. I wished then that the interesting thing I would see was easy to draw.

Finally, the result was the IG photo above. At that time, I was on a Glee/Warblers hype because “The Flash” and “Supergirl” musical crossover will sort of become a Glee reunion. And then, “Teenage Dream” by the Warblers played and I saw this in my phone. That song was the reason why I love the Warblers so much and seeing that image made me happy. So I decided to draw it.

I was happy with the result and glad that the whole illustration turned out to be successful. Day 4 made me more inspired to practice drawing and illustrating. 😀



Take a snap of your top tools for journaling. Why do you like using them? Share your answers.

My Takeaway: Before attending Abbey Sy’s Journaling Workshop last January, I thought you’ll need special materials to journal. I found out that is not the case. Abbey told us we can use any materials, from washi tapes to stickers to ephemera. Even as simple as a food receipt can be part of journaling.

While I mostly use stickers, washi tapes, and pens in journaling, I keep various ephemera and stick them on the journal page. I have entries that consist of movie tickets, photos, and receipts, and write down anything related to those. I realized anything can be placed in my journal. Though, I have to make sure I use all of them or they will pile up XD



What are you grateful for so far? Jot them down.

My Takeaway: I learned to appreciate and be grateful about everything that happened in my life. Of course, I focus on the good ones. But one thing I realized in this challenge is there is light in the darkness. So, I sort of tried to see positivity in the bad things.

I have so many things I am grateful for, but at the moment, these are my main ones. I even used two pages for this entry because one page is not enough to list them all. I am really thankful for everything listed here and I don’t know what I would do without them 😀

As for the arts and crafts aspect, I am starting to learn different types of hand lettering. In addition, I think I’m progressing in maximizing the paper space and in placing the ephemera/stickers/photos first before writing everything down. Actually, as I look at the entry now, I did maximize everything: stickers, hand lettering, photos, and pens. I believe this is one of my proudest entries, together with the Glee/Warblers entry 😀



What’s inside your bag? Illustrate your daily essentials.

My Takeaway: I sort of delayed this challenge because I was not confident about my drawing skills. In the end, I still did it because, after all, nothing will happen if I don’t try. And wow, even I couldn’t believe this was the end result. I actually did it! I was able to draw some, if not all, of my daily essentials and even colored them! 😀 My drawing skills still need some improvement. However, thanks to this challenge, I now know what to do to make my illustrations clearer and more precise. While it takes a lot of time and energy, I believe that sketching everything first with a pencil is better than using a ballpen. Hooray for pencils! 😀

My drawing skills still need some improvement. However, thanks to this challenge, I now know what to do to make my illustrations clearer and more precise. While it takes a lot of time and energy, I believe that sketching everything first with a pencil is better than using a ballpen. Hooray for pencils! 😀

Oh and yeah, I realized that I’m able to fit a lot of things in a bag XD



What’s on your current tracklist? Share with us your songs!

My Takeaway: HAND LETTERING GALORE! I truly practiced my hand lettering here and love the results. I used the “ABCs of Hand Lettering” by Abbey Sy as guide for this challenge and it helped. Day 8 actually motivated me to practice more lettering because doing it was fun.

On another aspect, I realized that most of the songs I listed in this challenge are old school. XD I think this shows what era I belong to :p. These songs are my jam, especially when I’m writing at work. 😀



What do you like doing when you’re not working or studying?

My Takeaway: I learned to do two things in this challenge. One is taking advantage of stickers. Second is writing the topic in big letterings on the middle of the page and surrounding it with anything related to the topic. I saw this kind of journaling technique on Pinterest and decided to try it. I love the results and I was able to make the most of the whole page.

The great thing about this challenge is I saw the importance of having stickers in my art stash. I collect stickers but I didn’t know how or where to use them at first. But when I started journaling, I finally saw their advantage. It was fun sticking them on the page and thinking what to write.

All in all, Day 9 was simple yet enjoyable to do. I would love to use this technique in my other entries. 😀



What’s your go-to ootd?

My Takeaway: DRAWING AGAIN! But thanks to what I learned in Day 7, I sketched the subjects first with pencil, traced them with pens, and colored them. It took me two hours to do this because I wanted the outfits to be perfect. Clothing is one of my drawing weaknesses, so I’m happy everything looked great. Oh and it’s cool that Abbey Sy featured this entry in her Journaling Challenge album at her FB page. 😀



What were the things that made your week memorable?

My Takeaway: I decided to combine most of the journaling techniques that I learned here: stickers, hand lettering, drawing, illustration, and washi tapes. It was a challenge drawing Tagaytay; good thing I had a guide. Hopefully, I gave justice to it.

I also got the hang of putting all the ephemera first before writing everything down—and that actually made my entry cleaner and more organized. 😀 I consider Day 11 as one of my favorite entries for the ABC Journaling Challenge.



Where do you fuel your creative journaling energy? Share a snap or illustrate your workspace.

My Takeaway: Okay, I know it’s lazy, but I knew drawing my workspace wouldn’t work. I was hesitated to use a photo but I realized that photos are part of journaling. So instead of getting stressed if I can draw my workspace or not, I just took a picture of my table, posted it in my journal, and wrote something about it. That simple! Hahaha, sometimes I overthink too much.

Oh and another realization: I need a bigger table. XD



Share either: snippets of your recent trip, or your dream destination. What excites you about traveling?

My Takeaway: By this time, I sort of learned not to overthink when it comes to journaling. So I decided to record snippets of our Tagaytay staycation through some creative hand lettering. I sort of copied the logos of the places we went to, which is also a way to expand my hand lettering skills. This challenge was a great way to experiment with lettering.



Share three things you’re looking forward to in the coming days/weeks/months?

My Takeaway: I decided to do more drawings, illustrations, and letterings in my journal entries because they make the page more colorful. Besides, I get to experiment and practice these skills. I enjoyed doing this because I drew new things.

Also, I realized that I have a lot of things to look forward to and listing just three is not enough. 2017 is going to be filled with wonderful experiences and I would love to record them in my journals and notebooks. Doing Day 14 made me more excited for the next days, weeks, and months.




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