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Journaling | Tracking My #ABCsJournalingChallenge (In Progress)

If you’re following my Instagram account (@artsy_rabbit), you’ll notice that I’ve been posting my entries for the #ABCsJournalingChallenge by Abbey Sy. Joining the challenge has made me realize how much I love arts, crafts, and journaling. It also made me see my strengths and weaknesses, as well as the improvements that I have to do.… Continue reading Journaling | Tracking My #ABCsJournalingChallenge (In Progress)

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Press Release | Type Kita 3: Pass on the Passion

I am a frustrated artist, which is the reason why I love the arts and crafts. One of the things I am trying to learn in this field is lettering and calligraphy. Since I was in high school, I loved doing some letterings. Most of those that I did are just for beginners, such as… Continue reading Press Release | Type Kita 3: Pass on the Passion